Sunday, September 8, 2013

Map of Witchland, the West

This hex is one of three important hexes in East Affryqq as it accommodates both the newest moon of the Eon Cluster, Pazujuju, and the vast pinnacle BRAZZTFORQNAS, the site of a moon fallen in an unaccounted age. The Eon Cluster is a pattern of miniscule moons five miles above the plains of Affryqq. To an observer on the ground one appears as a giant round window in the sky with part of a smiling face peering down, another may be leapt up onto from a mountain top in a spirit of wild optimism, the most recent node is Pazujuju, the void travelling abode of Pazuzu. I used the Sacrelume on Pazujuj as the background to The Masque of the Red Death in the previous post.

I have been trying to design adequate and distinct representations of both hilly and mountainous regions for my map and am now finished and content. Next, I want to make lake regions more obvious at a glance altering the shoreline only.



  1. I like the color you've selected for the water. Have your players done much adventuring in Affryq yet?

  2. No. I have put away my rpg stuff including the AD&D books. Rather than a campaign, I want to run an eight session (or so) plotted adventure set entirely on the witchland map, and then leave it at that. All players will be magic-users of one kind or another of 6th-8th level.

    1. I've tended to find that the logistical problems of getting people to set aside some time (ideally the same time, regularly, over a period of weeks) for a spot of roleplaying tend to fade away somewhat if you can say "every Sunday afternoon for the next eight weeks" or what-have-you. Something about having a finite end to the commitment of time seems to appeal to busy busy modern people.

    2. Yes, it focuses the mind on gaming too when it is all too easy to relax into merely hanging around. There is nothing to prevent at the end arranging a subsequent block of weeks for a fresh campaign, after a break.


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