Thursday, July 4, 2013

Map of Middle-earth on a Judges Guild Wilderlands Sheet

I have completed my second map of a suite of six on blank Judges Guild Hex sheets. Four are for my African setting and two for Middle-earth.

The six maps are:
  1. Affryqq (for my Fantasy Africa campaign)
  2. Middle-earth (above)
  3. Naqada (Egypt following the Nile)
  4. Beleriand
  5. The whole of Eastern Affryqq including Zanzibar & Napalatine
  6. A small region of Eastern Affryqq beyond the White Coast including Witchland, The Voidmark, Mount Zumzun, Bluestone the Isle of the Dead & Lake Nyangwe

I am particularly keen now that I have finished the standard third age LotR map, with the exception of placenames which I am reticent to include, to get on with my Beleriand map which will accompany another reading of The Children of Hurin, my favourite of Tolkien's works. Rather than the familiar map of Beleriand I will be working from this one below which has more information. I will include placenames for Beleriand as I am less familiar with this land and the places there still fill me with wonder.

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